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LETTRE D'EYAL YANILOV expliquant son choix de créer sa propre structure :

May 19, 2010

1/ The IKMF, as we know it, has ceased to exist ñ welcome the next phase and the future of Krav Maga Rumors started circulating, causing unrest in the organization, and it is time for me to clarify a few things, and discuss my views on the situation. The letter is bit long, but it is suggested that you read it all. It will tell how a sport-man's skills were first used by a small sector and then reached national, international and finally now it is at a global level. Imi started with boxing, gymnastics and wrestling. He became a high level sportsman that won international competitions. So first everything was personal fighting sports. At the next phase Imi became a leader and a fighter in his hometown, Bratislava. The second phase was a leap acquired through experience that came from necessity ñ personal, realistic, defensive and fighting skills. In the country that later would become Israel, Imi started to teach some elements of hand to hand combat for members of the resistance. Later he practically created Krav Maga within and for the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). Krav Maga was taught to a large sector. In the mid-1960s when Imi started to teach civilians and spread Krav Maga in Israel, it became known on the national level. The Israeli Krav Maga Association (IKMA) was formed in 1978. In the late 80's and early 90's we started to spread Krav Maga outside Israel, first it went to the USA where I trained several generations of instructors (training took place in Israel and USA). Krav Maga was practically unknown in the world. In the mid 90's I started spreading KM to Scandinavia, England and other countries in Europe, naturally with the irreplaceable assistance of local KM instructors and directors. At this stage there was the need to create an international organization. With Imi's support and blessing, I formed the International Krav Maga Federation with some of my students in 1996. It was formed in Israel as a sport association, with its management and control kept among its 7 founders only. Imi and I substituted and signed all the Diplomas and Grades of the IKMA with new ones of the IKMF. The value and prestige of having a diploma from the IKMF came only from the value of those who signed them, the knowledge they symbolized, and from the hard work done by each trainee to achieve each and every diploma. The work that I did with the directors and instructors in each country opened ample opportunities for people to become KM instructors and make a leaving from what they love to do. This work brought the life saving knowledge to the public in each country. Now after almost two decades of extensive work all over the world, most of which I did by myself as the leader and spearhead of the Krav Maga movement, we have the system in the different continents spread out in about 50 countries For decades I trained a selected group of my higher graded Israeli students without pay. I showed them the way of the modern Krav Maga, what Imi founded and I developed. Meanwhile, I also showed them (the 3 Israeli directors of IKMF, Gabi Noah, Eli Ben-Ami and Avi Moyal, whom I also certified as Krav Maga instructors back in 1984) the knowhow and way to instruct Krav Maga as well as the knowhow to operate it outside the borders of Israel and the Israeli mentality. I opened for them doors of business opportunities, got them known around the world and put them in charge of countries. For many years I tried hard to put the IKMF on unified professional, structural and correct lines, like should be in a professional organization working on an international level. Unfortunately I was not successful.
Last year the IKMF (which is built like an association, with board of directors, general meetings and voting), practically went in another direction completely. On the 28th of December, the three Israeli directors of IKMF

2/ (Avi, Eli and Gabi) added to the decision making and voting panel four family members and friends and then started with different decisions. All this is taking the organization in directions which are neither Imi's nor mine. At this point in time, as the one who built the IKMF and gave it its position and reputation in the world, I see no possibility, hope or option in its current state and structure to follow the professional, moral and ethical way that Imi and I outlined and what I was keeping all these years. Within the IKMF it is not possible any more to maintain the professional level and integrity that brought us, instructors and students, to our high level of knowledge as well as to the current leading position in the world of martial art in general and Krav Maga in particular. Naturally I was hurt to be betrayed this way by former students after so many years of giving to them knowledge, grades and business opportunities. It is an example of the darker side of human nature. Naturally I accept this and I move on without looking back. Additional to the above, with the growing popularity of Krav Maga in the world, a number of new Krav Maga organizations have sprung up trying to take advantage of Krav Magaís growing popularity. The quality of training and the links of the leaders of these organizations back to the source and the founder of Krav Maga, Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld), vary. The best way to deal with this new competition is to provide a superior product and service. We have now the obligation, the need, the necessity as well as the opportunity to make another leap using the knowledge we have developed, including recent advancements. We need to operate and spread the modern Krav Maga with the kind of organization that will be able to work efficiently all over the globe, giving the appropriate support to its directors, instructors and students. I have decided to create a new organization. An organization that will keep the true spirit and knowledge of Krav Maga and Imi, and within it we will be able to develop, spread and monitor the knowledge and the advancement of students and instructors. The Krav Maga Global, the KMG was created. For those who continue with us, the Certificates, Diplomas and Grades of the IKMF will be substituted by those of the KMG. It is both suitable and symbolic that this month, when we celebrate Imi's 100th birthday, we also start a new era for Krav Maga. I welcome you to KMG.
All the best and be safe, Eyal -------------------------------- Further facts, thinking and explanation Imi was a genius in presenting the best solution for a specific problem. He became clearer and more coherent as time passed and experience acquired. Krav Maga itself started as eclectic solutions for problems that soldiers of the IDF were facing in the early 50's. These solutions were based on the knowledge and experience of Imi and the people around him had. In 1964, Imi went to civil life and started teaching his method to young people. After several years he conducted the first instructors' course.

3/ With 24 years of teaching and close to 20 years as his closest assistant and right hand man, Imi initiated me as the professional leader of Krav Maga. At his home I was like a member of the family and he saw me as the most appropriate person and the natural heir. I was the first and only person who got both the highest level in the system (1991) and his unique diploma of excellence (1997). Up until the mid-90ís Krav Maga was largely only practiced within Israel and managed locally through the Israeli Krav Maga Association. This organization was a sport association, with members, as young as 14 years old, voting and deciding who will be the leader and board of directors. When I created the IKMF, I tried to avoid such problems and kept the number of voting members to 7. The other 6 were Miki ASULIN, Eli BEN-AMI, Ze'ev COHEN, Shachar KLARFELD, Avi MOYAL and Gabi NOAH. I took upon me to spread KM in the world and for this I created the IKMF. I have traveled over 200 days each of the past years to fulfill this mission. This gave hundreds of instructors the opportunities to teach Krav Maga and also make a leaving out of it. Further with this popularity the IKMF started to move into new markets in North and South America as well as Africa and so the capability and capacity of the IKMF is being stretched. In order to meet these new challenges and maintain the quality of an increasingly large number of Krav Maga instructors and students outside of Israel it is necessary to have a structure that is closer to that of any quality international business organization. There is up-going demand and need for more quality teaching and highly trained instructors as well as professional support and a well structured organization. The current structure of the IKMF and its model of operation do not permit nor allow such developments or professional progress. So the time has come to move on from the ëassociationí or ëfederationí type organization of the IKMF to a professional business structure that is focused on providing a quality product and service across the globe. What is now needed is an organization that has a professional management structure that uses the latest technology to assist in rapid communication and decision making across the global network, detailed business and marketing plans, a teaching and training program that is also supported by the latest technology and a professional network of instructors. All this is required to meet the rising expectations of an ever increasing student base that is accustomed to the high standards set by other quality service providers in their sector. So a new organization called Krav Maga Global has been formed.